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Bodegas Caro Amancaya 2018
價錢: HK$ 238.00
特價: HK$ 198.00
數量  缺貨中
酒莊 Bodegas Caro Amancaya 2018
年份 2018
產區 阿根廷
葡萄品種 Malbec & Blends
類型 紅葡萄酒
甜度 乾身不甜
酒身 中身
The particularly harsh winter in the foothills of the Andes Cordillera was followed by a sunny spring, enabling budding and flowering to take place normally. Fine weather predominated for the rest of the season, with little rain and a completely dry March. These conditions, typical of the Mendoza region, with dry, sunny days and a big difference in temperatures between day and night-time, enabled the grapes to ripen slowly and steadily, softening the tannins while preserving a superb freshness. On 25 March 2018, temperatures dropped once again in our high-altitude vineyard but the vines coped well with the colder weather and ripening continued without any problems, resulting in one of the best harvests of this decade.

TASTING NOTES (AT BOTTLING): The robe is deep ruby in color. The nose is complex with aromas of cocoa, red fruits and figs layered with cinnamon and a touch of smokiness. The palate unveils seductive aromas of black fruit with very well-integrated oak. This wine has great balance and an exceptional freshness. Amancaya 2018 is pleasant to drink now and offer great aging potential.

70% Malbec & 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
評分 ---
酒精度 14.5%
容量 750毫升
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